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Buy Hublot Watches in Qatar

If your looking to find Hublot Watches Price in Qatar, you may of had a hard time obtaining this information. With a limited number of retailers offering these Luxury Watches within the Middle East.

So you may have been exploring on google, ending up on unrelated sites and classified ad websites selling copy watches and in the case of finding authentic Hublots then a risky deal is likely to be ahead of you. With Hublot Watches often costing at least 30,000 QAR, it largely increases the chances of dishonest deeds surrounding it – if proper precautions aren’t taken.

So to help you out, we have taken a look across the web and gone through reviews and ratings for all that we could find. Ending up with a few select online shops you can trust to buy Hublot Watches online that deliver to Qatar

In the next section you will find what we’ve determined to be the most trusted and best reviewed online watch stores from across the world, ensuring that whichever place you choose – your sure to experience a smooth experience and receive an Authentic Hublot Timepiece.

Best Online Stores for Hublot

Used Hublot Watches in Qatar

If your looking for Second Hand Hublot Watches, then keep reading as we go over a couple of excellent luxury retailers online.

Having the backing of a trusted retailer is critical when making such a major purchase, you don’t want to end up spending a fortune on a fake Hublot – Its all well and good seeing low prices on classified websites and Watch Marketplaces but what you need to consider is the levels of guarantee for its authenticity and where you stand if you don’t receive what you paid for.

The Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet is a Dubai based Online Store specialising in pre-owned Luxury Bags, Clothing and Watches. Its well rated and comes with reasonable prices, its centre of operations is within the United Arab Emirates so its in close proximity to Saudi Arabia. 

It usually has an ok selection of Used Hublot Watches, most of these  can be found at far lower prices to buying new. It covers the Global Market, selling its products throughout the MENA region in addition to the US, UK and most of Europe.

You can browse the site in Arabic or English, with the ability to set your country to Saudi Arabia setting the Watch Prices in SAR.

Shipping & Returns

It offers Free Delivery and ‘hassle free returns’ albeit you have just 3 days from receiving the item to inform The Luxury Closet that you wish to return the item, they will collect the item for inspection at their own expense in this case. 

Import Duties

The Import duties are 5% to Qatar (This is unlikely to be included in purchase price) and Cash on Delivery (COD) is not available within Qatar. 

Pay Monthly

Unfortunately Monthly Payments are only available for those in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The WatchBox

Another place you can buy Pre-loved Hublot Watches, is The WatchBox, this is an up and coming Global Online Luxury Watch Retailer, allowing you to choose from a massive selection of Luxury Hublot Timepieces. With or Without Papers/Box and varying levels of use – giving you many options when it comes to making your online purchase. 

Shipping & Returns

Shipping costs are quite high for international deliveries outside the United States, with a flat rate of $100 (361 QAR) and returns have the potential to be costly due to their policy which reads:

‘International buyers may return their purchase, however, any return shipping costs, customs fees, and taxes will be the buyer’s responsibility. All other aspects of the return policy listed above still apply for International returns. Please contact your Client Advisor to request the return authorization and to begin the process.’

Import & Custom Fees/Taxes

Customs charges are normally factored in during the purchase process when shopping at WatchBox, however this is not always the case and if its not included in the receipt you should expect to have to cover this on it entering Qatar.

Which Should I Use?

The Luxury Closet in most instances would be the best place to purchase pre-owned watches, however their selection is far more limited than the WatchBox – which stocks pretty much every type of Luxury Watch from the various Submariners, Daytona’s and other Popular Models. The Luxury Closet on the other hand only normally has a stock of around 60-70 at any one time.
Other options include Jomashop which focuses mostly on Brand New Luxury Goods, but does have an excellent selection. They do Ship Internationally including to the most MENA countries, but the process is a little more risky and custom fees etc will have to be dealt with by you unlike the WatchBox and The Luxury Closet. Authentic Watches is a bit more focused on International Sales and so the process is better than Jomashop with a pretty large selection.

What it comes down to really is which has the Hublot Watch you want and are you willing to deal with a USA based Hublot Watch Retailer, or do you feel more confident using one based within the Middle East? 

You will find a greater selection with WatchBox but you will need to have the watch delivered from the USA, along with a more lengthy process if you need to return the Watch.

New Hublot Watches for Sale

Many more options are available when buying new watches from Hublot in Qatar, with Doha and other major cities having official Hublot stores where you may check out what you want in person. The Price of Hublot Watches in Qatar when buying from Retail Stores is significantly higher due to increased overheads, limited supply and more extensive warranties offered. If you are willing to check out your local retailer and are happy to pay a premium on your purchase then this option is the safest method of Buying a New Hublot Watch.

If your looking for a better price, you will need to look at International Luxury Watch Retailers such as Jomashop, Authentic Watches and even Amazon US. You will be able to obtain a Rolex at a discounted price brand new, due to lower overheads and more competition. 

If your willing to do some in depth examination of individual sellers on the Amazon US platform that sell Hublot Watches and deliver to Qatar – you can find some great deals. You have to be careful as international sales have a more limited returns system and it can be harder to resolve issues with troublesome merchants.

You will find many large luxury watch dealers listing their products on Amazon, so with a bit of diligence you are likely to find what you want at a great price. Import duties and increased shipping costs will apply, with these watches shipping from the United States.

Although Jomashop and Authentic Watches probably remain your best option for buying a New Hublot Timepiece – with stellar reputations and many years in operation at the top of the industry.

Official Hublot Retailers in Riyadh

One Hublot Retailer in the City of Doha, Qatar. 

If your looking to check out Hublot Watches at a standard store and buy directly from Hublot with all the benefits and piece of mind that comes with this. You should check out one of these Rolex Stores in Doha.

Expect to pay a premium on the price, but you can be sure you are receiving an authentic watch and will have significant after care provided with your Hublot Watch in Qatar.

Qatar Hublot Price List (2019)

Price from
Big Bang 38
33,001 SAR
Big Bang Tourbillon
237,012 SAR
Big Bang Unico
109,505 SAR
Big Bang MP-11
307,141 SAR
Classic Fusion
20,626 SAR
Classic Fusion Aerofusion
70,128 SAR
Classic Fusion Tourbillon
136,132 SAR
King Power
37,500 SAR
Spirit of Big Bang
65,628 SAR
Hublot Classic
7,875 SAR
King Power Unico
90,754 SAR
Classic Fusion Diamond
65,628 SAR

All Prices are Approximate and are given as a rough estimate for the retail value of the Cheapest Hublot Watch for each model. Prices are based on US Hublot Retail Price and converted using USD to QAR exchange Rate of 3.61 on 28th August 2019.

Where Can I Sell My Hublot Online?

If your looking to sell your Hublot Watch Online, there are a few options available to you with varying levels of effort involved on your part. Firstly you could list you watch on a local classifieds site such as Qatar Living – this involves signing up and entering the details of the Hublot you want to sell with images , details and location. If someone is interested in what you offer, they can contact you through the contact details you provide at which point you arrange a method of transfer (in Person is the most common method). 

Selling on Qatar Living

Selling here will require a level of patience in most cases and you will be required to deal with everything regarding the sale, it will however be dealt with locally in most cases and you can have more control over the entire process. The risks involved when selling high value goods in person are elevated, with robbery being a possibility if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Often its best to setup a meet at a Luxury Watch specialist, who can provide a safe location and authenticate the Hublot for the buyer and assist in ensuring a smooth transaction.

Selling on The Luxury Closet

A better way in many cases might be to use a used watch retailer, who will buy your luxury watch from you on receipt and often offering you an estimated price they are willing to pay before you ship the item to them. One such online retailer in the Middle East is The Luxury Closet, they will offer you an approximate price and they offer free pickup in Qatar – they will authenticate your Hublot and list the item on their site at the price you select during submission. When the product has been sold, and following the returns period, you will receive your payment.

The Luxury Closet has a commission rate of 35% on first $2000 and 15% on anything above. You can sell any Luxury Product through them.

Selling Your Hublot To The WatchBox

The WatchBox will also buy your Hublot Watches and will pay you immediately on receipt, this company is based in the United States however so you have to be mindful of any fees associated with this. They will pay for you to ship the item to them and pay you following authentication and quality check. You will not need to wait until your Hublot is sold until payment using WatchBox, so this is a better choice if your looking to receive your money as soon as possible.


Best Place To Buy Hublot Watches in Qatar

To Conclude this, we have found the best places to purchase Hublot Watches Online from Qatar are the following stores. Others exist and are popping up more locally, yet we can’t authenticate them as few reviews are available and they have not been established long.

Where To Buy in Other GCC Countries

Maybe you are looking to buy Hublot Watches in other countries across the GCC, and have somehow come across this post yet aren’t based in Saudi Arabia. Well we can send you to the relevant page below:

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