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Useful site, not many in this region so handy to have a place to compare prices without having to go through each store before purchase.
Mila Sendler
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Was looking for a specific rolex, come across here and got a great deal from I had great difficulty finding anywhere to buy one, but came across Prices Qatar and quickly found what I was looking for.
Mohammed Schneider
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I always use this site when shopping for luxury now, at least for reference before a purchase to ensure I am getting the Best Price. Bought several Gucci Bags and Perfumes so far.
Katerina Bezobrazova
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How Does This Site Work?

We Show you where to buy a variety of products in Qatar at the Best Prices and from the Most Trusted Retailers Online.


Each post focuses on a different product, within you will find a wealth of information about the choices you have and where to find the best price in Qatar.

Many payment systems are available at the many stores we list products from. Cash on Delivery, Paypal, Bank Transfer and other popular methods will be available on most stores.


We do not sell products, but instead show you where to buy them at the best prices.

We are working on this, but it won’t be ready until the next phase of development. Likely early 2020.

This site works as a Price Comparison website, with additional content such as reviews, videos and more. We make money if you buy a product after clicking from our site for some of the stores – we receive a commission from sales.


You will pay the same price whether through us, or directly via the store. Its a Win Win for both of us – you get the best price quickly and easily – we may get a commission.

Refund Policies and Warranty are specific to each store, before purchase be sure to check their policies.

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